Friday, April 17, 2015

Kentucky Derby Hats: Drama at the Derby

Kentucky Derby Hats
Kentucky Derby Hats
Breton by Gottex | Renda by ále by Alessandra | Baja by Gottex | Belladonna by Gottex

It's Derby Time!

The Kentucky Derby is coming up: May 1st and 2nd.  We love the Kentucky Derby tradition, and its outrageous, dramatic hats.  Remember when we talked about the history of Kentucky Derby hats?  So fun!

Have you chosen your hat yet?  Let us help you pick the perfect Kentucky Derby Hat!  

Kentucky Derby Hats

Breton is an obvious choice: its wide black and white stripes scream drama!  Pair with a black and white ensemble... Kentucky Derby perfection.

Renda plays the coquette, in case you're going for a demure look.  This wide brimmed raffia hat is a real head turner.

Baja is bold and begs to be seen.  The oversized bow and gold color make a boisterous, yet stylish statement, and will be right at home at Churchill Downs.

Belladonna is your go-to glamorous picture hat.  That theatrically wide brim and deep scarlet color... well that's sure to win the roses.

Altamira is the hat you want to wear when you're sipping an icy cold mint julep. It's as feminine as you need it to be, with a long black sash.

Ciel is a real lady... a lady with a secret, perhaps?  Made of intriguing Sinamay straw, Ciel will be a special accompaniment to any Derby day dress. 

Kentucky Derby Hats
Kentucky Derby Hats

Altamira by ále by Alessandra | Ciel by Gottex

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