Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just in: Sun Protective Cover-Up Swim Dresses by BLOQUV

Fashion, function and fun?  Oh yeah – we’ve got all three covered!  We’ve just added these fantastic swim dresses from BLOQUV.  These cover-ups are super cute, they provide fantastic sun protection, and they’re ready for some hard play in the sun and surf.

Fashion, yes indeed.  These cover-up dresses have a lively, sleek, chic vibe.  The zip at the collar can zip up for full sun protection, or down for a little sassiness.  The drawstrings at both sides let you control the length – pull them tight for a shirt length and flattering ruching, let them out, and you have a tunic or dress length that covers the derriere.  Don one that coordinates with your favorite bikini, and let the bottom peek out.  Or, take advantage of the longer length when you want that extra coverage.  Whether at the pool, beach or somewhere in between, you’ll look the part in a BLOQUV cover-up dress.  They come in three easy-to-coordinate colors: black, white and blue. 

On the function front, these tunic cover-ups are the real deal.  They provide incredible sun coverage: long sleeves, a collar, and a zip at the neck mean your precious skin will be covered.  The fabric is rated UPF 50+, meaning it blocks 98% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.  And the details are all thought out – comfortable flat seams, extra-long sleeves to fully cover the hands, even a little pocket to hold your phone.  They've got comfort and sun protection, all ready to serve you well during an action-packed day in the sun.     

And finally – fun!  Your typical cover-up is a great option when you’re on the beach or lounging poolside.  These cover-ups do all that … and they go IN the water too!  No need to lose the fabulous sun protection, just because you’re ready for a dip in the pool; just keep your BLOQUV swim dress on and dive right in.  This means there’s no slowing down between sunbathing and splashing in the waves.  Got the kids are with you?  A BLOQUV cover-up is ideal!  Kids may want to build sandcastles one minute, then bodysurf the next; swim like fish in the pool, then suddenly declare snack time.  You’ll keep up with the kids, without missing a beat. 

With a BLOQUV cover-up sun dress, you’ll stay in the action while being confident that you’re protected from the sun.  Just add a great sun hat, a pair of glamorous sunglasses and some sunblock on your lower half, and you’ll be fashionable, sun-protected, and ready for some fun!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beach of the Week: Marbella, Spain

Beach Resort in Marbella Spain 

On Spain’s Costa del Sol, we find a popular vacation destination: Marbella.  Marbella’s beaches range from hip, to mellow, from family-oriented to luxury scenes; there is something for everyone.  In common, the beaches have wonderful weather, golden sand and the deep blue Mediterranean sea.  If you’re in the mood to wander, Marbella has wonderful options for exploring the beach and charming city.  Stroll along the tree-lined Promenade, that borders the beach, offering views of the sea.  Or, strut your stuff on the Avenida del Mar, it features sculptures by Salvador Dali, and terminates at the beach, where you’ll find showers in the shape of elephants.

When it’s time to eat, Marbella is awash with “chiringuitos”, or beach bars, that offer good food and refreshing drinks; perfect for lunch or a snack.  Or if you’re in the mood for something more elegant, explore Marbella’s offering of upscale restaurants.

What beach are you dreaming of today?

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Monday, August 18, 2014

UPF Sun Protection Swimwear for Kids a Must Have in the Summer Sun

Snapper Rock Kids UV Swimwear - great looking and ready for fun!

Summertime + kids = FUN IN THE SUN!  The sun is wonderful; it makes all the summer favorites possible, like swimming, sprinklers and beach time!  But, the sun needs to be treated with respect: too much sun means a painful sunburn and potential sun damage; not something any kid (or parent) wants to deal with when there’s so much fun to be had!

To keep those kids protected, invest in high quality UPF sunprotection swimwear.  We have some fantastic options from Snapper Rock.  These swimsuits are made of durable, yet lightweight and breathable fabrics.  The fabrics are rated UPF 50+, meaning they block 98% of the suns’ harmful rays.  For maximum protection, select a rash top.  Also known as a swim shirt or rash guard, a rash top covers the shoulders and upper torso, shielding those vulnerable areas from the sun.  And, last but not least, these suits are CUTE!  Parents and kids alike will be drawn to the great colors and fun designs.  Here are a couple ideas to get you started…

Garden Flower Collection

The Garden Flower collection is hardworking AND adorable.  The top and bottom of the tankini are sprinkled with colorful flowers and embellished with an aqua and white striped binding.  It’s feminine, while clearly ready for some active play.  For extra sun protection, add a rash top.  Both the long sleeve and short sleeve version of the aqua rash top will guard her shoulders, chest and arms from the sun, while feeling comfortable and looking great.  Don’t forget about baby!  Included in the Garden Flower collection is a one piece sunsuit, sized for babies and toddlers.  In the same whimsical floral pattern as big sister’s, this one piece swimsuit is ridiculously cute.  Short sleeves protect baby’s shoulders, and a zip at the front means it will be easy to get on and off.

Girls Boardies + Rash Top
Here’s a sporty look for girls: pair some girls boardie shorts in raspberry with a coordinating rash top.  The boardies have an aloha-inspired hibiscus pattern in light pink and raspberry.  The rash top is a yummy raspberry color, and is available in both short and long sleeve lengths.  This combo provides a lot of sun protection, and is really comfortable; just right for the active kid.  Your girl will look super cute and be ready for some serious play!
For the boy, there’s nothing simpler than throwing on a fun pair of board shorts and a fabulous rash top.  Check out these Gecko Board Shorts: the print is so fun, any critter lover will be all in.  The navy, aqua and green color combo screams island… summertime… beach… and coordinates perfectly with a navy rash top.  These rash tops are great looking and hard working.  The navy fabric is offset with stitching in contrasting white.  They fit really well, so comfortably that your boy’s focus will stay where it’s needed: diving in the pool, running on the beach, throwing the Frisbee, etc.
The budding surfer boy needs the Royal Red Island board shorts.  The bold, tropical print in red, turquoise and royal blue is all about “surf’s up, dude”!  These, like all the board shorts, have a soft elastic waistband with a working drawstring.  They even have Velcro pockets… for “treasure” collecting, of course.  To complement these awesome shorts, look no further than a rash top in white.  The navy contrast stitching will tie in with the blue of the board shorts… not that your surfer dude will care.  The rash top come in both short or long sleeve lengths.

What have your kids been enjoying this summer?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Beach of the Week: Nice, France

Gorgeous Nice, France Coastline

As the end of summer approaches, let’s pause and consider: what beach haven’t we gone to?  Well, the French Riviera sure sounds wonderful… let’s visit Nice today!  Nice’s beaches are characterized by beautiful blue sky, azure water and shores made of smooth stones, known as “galets”.    Though you may want to wear shoes, taking a stroll along the Nice shoreline would afford you beautiful views of the sea and lovely city.  The long stretch of beach is replete with sunbathers, cafes and bars.  For extra relaxation, rent a beach chair and umbrella.  Now sit back, and enjoy that “Nice” view.

What beach are you hoping to get to before summer’s end?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beach of the Week: Miami Beach

Miami Beach
Beautiful, colorful Miami Beach

We’ve just taken an amazing trip to the Miami Swim Show, so let’s talk about Miami Beach!  Miami Beach encompasses a whole world of beach.  From the opulent party scene of South Beach, to the calmer atmosphere to the north, Miami Beach has something for everyone. 

An elevated boardwalk runs along a long stretch of the beach, allowing for jogging, skating, or just a leisurely stroll.  Sidewalk cafes and bars abound, so it’s easy to grab some lunch or a frosty beverage while you explore the beach.   Look for the quaint and colorful lifeguard stands that dot the beach.  You might want to play volleyball, take a swim, or just relax on the warm sand and look at the gorgeous sea… but you certainly won’t want to miss Miami Beach’s number one pastime: people watching! 

Have you been to Miami Beach?  What was your favorite part?

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