Thursday, December 25, 2014

Beach of the Week: Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gili Island Beach
Relaxing Beach on Gili Islands near Bali

What better way to savor the Holidays than to escape (if only virtually) to a relaxing desert island.  The Gili Islands, near Lombok and Bali, should fit the bill!

The Gili Islands aren’t quite desert islands, as they are host to many people and amenities.  But they are known for their laid back attitude and calm atmosphere.  They set the relaxing tone with this unique feature: there are no motorized vehicles allowed!  Imagine not hearing the constant hum of motors in the background…aaaaah.  

The chill vibe continues with the beaches – pristine with white sand and crystal clear, turquoise water.  It’s a popular destination for snorkeling and diving; there is an abundance of sea life to be seen.  It’s also a popular place to... just chill.  That sounds perfect!

What’s the most relaxing place you’ve been to?

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Style: Glittery Holiday Shells DIY

Glittery Holiday Shells

Here's a holiday craft that any beach lover will adore.  If you have a collection of beach-combed treasures, bust out the glitter, and turn them into glimmering holiday decorations.

Glittery Shells Tutorial 1

Now that you have a gorgeous collection of glittery holiday shells, how can you use them in your holiday decor?  
Here are a few ideas...

Glittery Holiday Shells Tutorial 2

Friday, December 19, 2014

Holiday Style: Nautical Rope Wreath

Nautical Rope Wreath

This sweet wreath is simple, festive and full of nautical style.  It's easy to make your own:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Beach of the Week: Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Boulders Beach with Penguins
Penguins and gorgeous scenery at Boulders Beach near Cape Town, South Africa

Here’s a unique combination: gorgeous beach… and penguins?  Yes, penguins.  Boulders Beach, near Cape Town, South Africa is a gem of a beach, with warm water and to-die-for scenery… and it’s also home to a colony of African Penguins.  The beach is studded with huge boulders, stunning against the turquoise blue water, not to mention great fun to explore.  The sheltered cove makes this an excellent place for children to swim in the calm water.  You may end up swimming alongside a penguin, or you can take a walk on the boardwalks to get up close and personal to their colony.

What’s the most unique beach you’ve been to?

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Gift Guide: For Beach & Resort Lovers

Someone on your list loves to take "beachy" vacations - maybe it's a tropical resort, or a beach house, even an annual cruise.  Well, SolEscapes' Holiday Gift Shop has an awesome selection of gifts just for that special someone!  BONUS: All of these items are 25% off (through 12/20/14) with coupon code gifts.

1| Turks & Caicos Resort Bag - The natural colored raffia with the turquoise rope accents is a dreamy combination.  Add to that some great practical features, and this makes a fabulous gift.  

2| San Remo Hat by Gottex - Oooh so glamorous, this is as resort-ready as they come.  We love the bamboo and gold trim on this one - it's such a pretty balance of natural and shiny!

3| Calypso Multi-Strand Necklace - The chic necklace that goes with everything.  Pair this with a casual daytime outfit - awesome.  Add it to a white dress for dinner - simply gorgeous.  

4| Travel Lux Microfiber Beach and Pool Towel - A beach trip needs a beach towel, and this beauty folds up so compactly, it's 1/4 the size of a typical beach towel.  Yet when unfolded, its dimensions are oversized - larger than most beach towels!

5| Punta Cana Raffia Sun Hat - Fun, fun, fun in the sun!  This hat boasts a generous 5" sun protective brim and colorful flowers that simply scream "vacation"!

6| Coco Cabana Stacking Bracelets - These fun bracelets are designed to stack, and look fabulous with each other, or along with your other bracelets.  Their starfish charm and gold accents really make them pop!  They come in white, gold, or turquoise.

7| Heishi Coconut Flip-Flop Sandals - Fun, colorful materials, and a comfy foam footbed make these a great choice for a vacation wardrobe.  Any beach lover knows - flip-flops are a must!  These come in pink or turquoise.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift Guide: Stuff Those Stockings!

Gift Guide Stuff Those Stockings

Stocking Stuffers are so fun to buy!  Here are some great ideas for the warm weather vacation lover on your list.

1| Castaway Bucket Hat - Roll this cutie up and tuck it inside a stocking.  Perfect for a trip to the beach or jaunt to the playground.

2| Goldie CableKeep by Nice - Keep your iphone tidy and adorable at the same time!

3| Personalized Stationery from Effie's Paper - Beautiful, thoughtful, personalized: a total win. 

4| JBK Sunglasses - Those big, glamorous lenses are the perfect accessory for her upcoming resort getaway.

5| Best of Juice Beauty - A collection of organic beauty products in fun advent calendar packaging.

6| Travel Lux Microfiber Beach and Pool Towel - A beach towel that's huge when unfolded and folds to 1/4 the size of a typical beach towel.  Must have for the avid vacationer!

7| Color Pop Necklace - A one inch circle of happy color suspended from a gold chain.  This necklace will brighten up any stocking... and wardrobe!

What are your favorite stocking stuffers?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Style: Glowing Shell Vase DIY

Glowing Shell Vase

We're decking our halls beach-style, and this glowing shell vase is just the thing for a mantle.  Oooh, it would be gorgeous in a centerpiece too.  It's easy to put together - here's how!

Gather Supplies
Gather Your Supplies
- A tall, clear vase.  We used a a fun martini pitcher!
- A short string of battery operated white LED lights.  We found ours at IKEA.
- Small ball ornaments.  We chose a gold theme.
- Sea shells.  A selection of small-medium white shells in a variety of shapes works well.
- Sand.  White worked well with our color palette.

Fill It Up
Fill It Up
- Pour some sand into the bottom of the vase.
- Add the shells and ornaments, one at a time.  
- Work the lights in as you go, hiding the cord.
- At the top, run the cord over the edge and down the back.  Wrap the excess cord around the battery pack, and tuck it behind the vase.

Let it Glow!
Arrange your beautiful glowing vase with your other holiday decor and enjoy!

Let It Glow

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beach of the Week: Poipu Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Dreamy Poipu Beach on Kauai, Hawaii

Being in the midst of “Stormageddon 2014” here in Northern California, it’s easy to dream about this gorgeous place.  Poipu Beach is on Kauai’s south shore.  In the winter, the swell is quite small, making it ideal for families with children.  It’s teeming with sea life: tide pools full of colorful critters, sea turtles in the surf and monk seals napping on the sand.  The water is crystal clear and the view is classic Hawaii heaven.  Yes indeed, it’s the perfect place to daydream about during today’s torrential downpour. 

What’s your favorite winter getaway daydream?

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gift Guide: Food, Glorious Food

Gift Guide Food Glorious Food

Food is fun to give… and maybe even better to receive!  For a personal twist, give a family favorite, or perhaps it’s unique to your locale: candies handcrafted in your home town, or fruit grown in your area.  Here are some delicious ideas to get you started:

1| Cowgirl Creamery Cheese - Favorite fromagerie Cowgirl Creamery offers a variety of delectable cheese collections.  Yum.

2| KOA Coffee - Make their morning cuppa a real treat with a bag of pure Kona Coffee beans. 

3| Unbelievable Apple from Rachel Dunn Chocolates– An enormous crunchy apple covered in a thick layer of caramel, chocolate and roasted almonds.  A unique and delicious gift.    

4| Good News Granola – Whimsical packaging + delicious snack = one great gift.

5| Washington State Apples - There’s something special about opening a crate of beautiful fresh fruit at the Holidays. 

6| Nutty Steph's Sea Salt Bars – Chocolate is a no brainer.  This trio makes a thoughtful little gift for a teacher, co-worker or friend. 

7| G&M Crab Cakes - This whopper of a Maryland favorite can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime!

What's your favorite food gift to give... or receive?