Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our New Year's Wish for You


The New Year.  

We look back.  We take a moment to be proud of our accomplishments.  We relish in our successes, in challenges surmounted and new areas of growth.  We also think of things that didn’t go so well - what would we do differently? 

And then we look forward.  What will we do in the next 365 days?  What do we really want for the New Year?  Will we learn something new, shed a habit, or cross something off the bucket list?  We savor this moment of contemplating what the new year will bring, and how we will shape it.   

Our New Year's Wish for You

Good Health, for you and those you love.
Journeys that rekindle your fire.
Relationships that nourish you.
And wealth (of course), all you desire.

A new hobby, skill or project to tackle.
Some dreamy escapes to the beach.
Personal growth, in the way you want most.
And champagne!  Be it ever in reach.

With gratitude and good tidings,  SolEscapes wishes you and yours a healthy, happy 2014!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Gold, the New Neutral

Gold, the new neutral

Gold has long been associated with glitz and glamour... and rightfully so!  It's shimmery, sparkly, shiny and just so darned pretty.  But take a new look at gold - it can also be used as a gorgeous neutral.

The classic little black dress is often paired with black shoes; don strappy gold sandals instead, and va-va-voom!  Now consider a bright, color-blocked ensemble - what jewelry can stand up to that?  Gold!  Add a pair (or trio) of long beaded necklaces: one in gold, the others in a coordinating color.  Perfection.  

Sun hats: so important on your beach getaway!  A pink sun hat is adorable, but it certainly won't match your entire holiday wardrobe.  But gold!  Gold goes with everything!  

Make everyday outfits fun with a splash gold.  Sparkly gold on the nails - definitely.  A gold wrap bangle is perfect paired with other bracelets for a stacked look.  A hint of shimmery gold takes a white blouse from classic to fabulous.  A gorgeous bag with gold accents will haul it all, look stunning, and go with everything.

Dramatic, fun, glamorous, shiny, pretty, versatile... and neutral.  We love gold!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Gidget goes Kitsch

We were getting a little creative at the office, imagining how we could go totally tacky, kitschy and fabulous with our holiday decorations.  Beach-inspired, naturally!

Santa and a surfboard are an obvious combination; glitter them up and hang them on the tree.  Frosty in the Tropics?  You betcha.  Replace that top hat with a Santa hat and throw on some sunglasses; he’s all ready to lounge on the beach (temporarily, anyway).  Invite the Elf on the Shelf to the tacky party -  wouldn’t a grass skirt and coconuts be just the thing?  An Ugly Christmas sweater is a must; get out the glue gun and add some shells to your candy cane/wreath/gingerbread cardigan (bonus points for glittered shells).  The mantel needs some shiny tinsel garland.  Now add some super-bright (again: glittered!) tropical fish.  Perfect.     

Let’s consider the exterior: outdoor Christmas decorations have tremendous tacky potential, I’m thinking Clark Griswold gone… coastal.  Flamingos should obviously figure in somehow… I know, a flock of flamingos pulls the sleigh across the lawn (since reindeer abhor warm weather).  In the sleigh, Santa sports a loud Hawaiian shirt and a lei.  He may or may not be holding an umbrella drink.  Have a palm tree?  Drown it in colored lights.  Don’t have a palm tree?  Even better!  Get a bright, shiny foil palm tree and slap those lights on (they’d better blink).  And on the front door, welcome your guests with a beadazzled, neon-colored flip-flop wreath (work in some more of those blinking lights). 

Happy, Tacky Holidays to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pack the Sun Protection!


You’re packing for your winter getaway Caribbean Cruise… or is it an all-inclusive Resort in Paradise?   Anyway, you’re loading things in your suitcase, ticking off your mental list: “Swimsuit – check.  Shorts – check.  Sandals – check.  LBD for a night out – check”.  Done, right?  Not even!  Don’t forget the sun protection!

There is nothing like a lobster-red, blistery, painful sunburn to turn a holiday upside down.  Your dream vacation spent lounging by the pool will quickly turn into a nightmare spent cowering in your room.  Bringing the right high-quality, travel-friendly products helps safeguard your vacation visions, ensuring you won’t miss out on any poolside umbrella drinks.  Not to mention it will help to protect yourself against potential long-term skin damage.

Here’s what you should add to your packing list:

Sun hats – From cute & sporty to chic & glamorous, sun hats will boost your holiday style while protecting the skin on your face from the sun. Many of the hats are packable, so you can keep your hat always at-the-ready in your beach bag.  The materials are breathable and lightweight, so comfort is never sacrificed. 

 Sunscreen – It’s an obvious choice for sun protection, but be sure to consider the ingredients; choose a sunscreen with natural ingredients to avoid mysterious chemicals.  The Coola Organic Suncare line receives high ratings from the EWG as well as offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  And don’t forget: apply your sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sunning, and re-apply every two hours, or after swimming.

Protective Clothing – Swim Shirts and Rash Guards aren’t just for kids!  Our poor shoulders, chest and back are often left to the sun’s whims.  While swimming, snorkeling or playing on the beach, don a swim shirt to keep the sun off your back!  They provide great coverage, have 50+ UPF ratings, and are made of colorful and comfortable quick-drying fabrics. 

Sunglasses – We already know that wearing shades just looks cool.  Sunglasses are also vital to protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays.  Be sure the lenses are large or wrap-around and have UV 400 protection.  And be sure you love them, because you should wear them whenever you’re in the sun.      

Sun umbrella – Taking sun protection to a new, glamorous level, Persol√© sun umbrellas are the ultimate portable shade accessory.  They’re gorgeous, made from high quality materials, and can even double as a rain umbrella in case you get caught in a tropical shower.

And now you’re ready for your trip to Paradise.  Enjoy!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Traditional Holidays in the Tropics

www.solescapes.comMaking a great tropical escape can be a wonderful way to spend the holidays.  Leave the stress of the season at home, and enjoy a unique Christmas in Paradise!  But for many, traditions are integral to Christmas, and forgoing familiar activities can bring on the Holiday Blues.  So grab your sense of adventure + a little creativity and bring those traditions with you!
O Christmas Tree...
While a trek to a snowy tree lot isn’t going to happen, a Christmas tree certainly can.  Choose a suitable patch of beach and plant a branch.  Decorate it with small ornaments brought from home, or cut some out from shiny paper.  No branches in sight?  Draw a tree in the sand and adorn with beach-combed shells.  Go sculptural with a tree fashioned from driftwood.

Christmas Music Sets the Mood
Ever portable, bringing your family’s favorite Christmas tunes is a no-brainer.  Take it in a tropical direction with some great beachy holiday tunes

Food, Delicious Food
Many holiday traditions center around food.  Tucking a favorite Christmas treat into your suitcase and presenting it at the right moment will bring on the familiar holiday cheer.  Is there a special meal you enjoy every Christmas Eve?  Find its island equivalent!  Make it kalua pig instead of Christmas ham.

While lugging gifts to a faraway destination may be a burden, exchanging gifts is central to Christmas for most families.  Consider a single suitcase-friendly gift that packs a big punch, such as jewelry, electronic gadgets or gift certificates.  For children, be sure to include something that can be played with right away, such as a small construction set (LEGO, playmobil), a little doll with extra outfits, or a travel-friendly craft activity.  What about a gift that can be enjoyed during the vacation?  A packable sun hat or beach towel would be welcome!          

Adapt Your Traditions 
Baking holiday treats may be unrealistic, but an adventure to the local market may uncover some fun cookie decorating options.  Then leave those cookies out for Santa and try to imagine how he will get in, given the absence of a chimney in your bungalow.  Seeing friends and family is crucial to Christmas; take advantage of technology and call or Skype with your loved ones.  If your family typically partakes in Midnight Mass, find a special service at a local church.         

Adopt New Traditions 
There’s no better way to learn about a culture than by being there!  Take this opportunity to learn about the holiday traditions of your destination.  Find out about the local holiday food and indulge!  Check the newspaper for special concerts; maybe you’ll learn some new holiday songs.  Deck the halls (or suite) as they do locally (then bring those decorations home to enjoy during future Christmases).  Immerse yourself in the local Holiday culture at a festival, carnival or parade.