Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fabulous Fedoras for Summer

Fabulous Fedoras for Summer
Fedora Sun Hats - just what your summer wardrobe needs!

Looking to add some pep to your warm weather wardrobe? A stylish sun hat is a key element to summer dressing.  For a fun take on sun hats, look to fedoras!  The fedora style hits the balance of playful fun and time honored classic; it suits so many situations.

Fabulous Fedora Styles

Sammy D | Those stripes though!  It comes in the cornflower blue shown as well as a pretty lilac and gorgeous olive green.

Havana | All about the details: the stitched trim and fringed edge set it apart.  Two color options: white or black.

Anguilla | That tweedy blue weave is so eye catching.  Get it with either a white or black band.

Alhambra  | The all black look is stunning.  You'll want at least one of the other color options as well: white/black, white/navy, white/pink, or tan/brown.

Belize | Sizzlin' style in panama straw.  For the ribbon, you have the option of navy blue or black.

Solitaire | The beaded diamond trim is just stunning, and the 4" brim gives great coverage.  Get it in natural or black.

Rich Pitch | A hat with real elegance.  Choose from brown tweed with a navy ribbon or black tweed with a black ribbon.

There are so many more to choose from!  Come see our wide selection of Fedora Style Hats!

Belize Fedora Sun Hat
Belize Fedora Sun Hat - Stunning