Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sun Hats the hot 2012 Summer Accessory

SolEscapes Sun Hats
Sun hats are all the rage this season.  Many major retail and designer brands are accessorizing their spring / summer collections with fun and stylish hats.  The styles vary from cool Fedora and western hats to large brim fun floppy hats. It’s IN to wear a hat for both men and women and kids.  No wonder, hats can do so many things for the person wearing them: sun protection, fashion accessory and cover-up for a bad hair day.

Sun protection- A sun hat can protect you from the harmful sun rays by shading you your face from the sun.  Choose a hat with a wide brim 4+ inches and a material that is tightly woven.  Better yet, pick a sun hat that has been tested and rated by an independent agency for 50+ UPF (This is the highest rating available for clothing). UV protection hats used to be dull and boring.  Not any more, Physician Endorsedhats are one of the innovators and the best on the market for fashionable sun fashion headwear and dermatology approved hats.  Other companies such as Sunday Afternoons and San Diego Hat company are also doing a nice job designing sun hats.

Fashion Accessory – Use a sun hat to dress up or down your outfit.  Choose a color or style that matches your personality and clothing.  You can use a hat almost anywhere from informal to formal events: a baseball cap for the ball game, a beach hat for a day in the sand, a fedora for a day of shopping and wide brim hat for a wedding.  You get the idea… the possibilities are endless.

Having a bad hair day?  Stop struggling with the hair dryer and hair spray. Put on a sun hat and you will be ready to go in a flash. 

What’s your favorite hat this season?