Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beach of the Week: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Perfect spot to relax on Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.

OK, so it’s not quite seven miles (somewhere between 5.5 and 6.5, depending who you ask), but it’s still a long, gorgeous beach; not to be missed.  Seven Mile Beach’s entire length is a public beach.  This means that while it is bordered by many luxury hotels, one can access the entire length, from start to finish.  For the goal-oriented traveler, walking the length of the beach in a day is a great objective.  To make the trek even more ambitious, be sure to make occasional stops for refreshing rum punch along the way.  

Seven Mile Beach is quintessential Caribbean, with white sand and that amazing aquamarine sea.  The water is shallow and clear: just right for swimming.  There are numerous amenities and activities: from picnicking to para-sailing, there’s something for everyone, be that the goal-oriented traveler, or the nap-seeking vacationer.    

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

As Seen In: Sammy D Fedora Sun Hat in People StyleWatch

The June issue of People StyleWatch is so good, our products are featured in not one, but two different pieces!  We’ve already talked about Sloane Ranger in the gorgeous Vacation Style Guide.  Now let’s highlight the fun Sammy D fedora.  The “6 Straw Hats” piece is full of cute straw hats, and of course we’re partial to the little purple striped number; Sammy D.  Straw hats are perfect for summer; they’re cool and breezy, they give protection from the sun, and they look stylish, and just so summery.

Sammy D is has a classic fedora shape, with the crease down the crown, and the pinch at the front.  But unlike the woolen, neutral colored fedoras of the 1940’s, today’s fedoras have been updated with modern colors and interesting materials.  They are fun, trendy, and will be a wardrobe staple this summer.  Sammy D is two-toned, with lively stripes.  It’s available in two colors: natural/lilac is perfect for the radiant orchid color trend, and the black/natural combination has a cool, classic vibe. 

Another great fedora is Jackie G.  In bold blocks of color, Jackie G comes in pink/natural, white/natural, and gold.  Jackie G is perfect for the beach, pool, shopping, really anywhere that you need to look stylish and have sun protection.  Both Sammy D and Jackie G have 2” brims and UPF 50+ ratings, meaning they do a great job shielding the face from the sun.  They are packable!  Just fold the hat lengthwise, and tuck into your beach bag or suitcase.  With an internal drawstring and soft materials, both fedoras will fit well and be comfortable.  Sammy D and Jackie G are made by Physician Endorsed, $35.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

As Seen In: Vivienne Sun Hat in Family Circle Magazine
Vivienne sun hat is "spot on" with a leopard print swimsuit.

Vivienne Sun Hat is looking spot on in Family Circle Magazine’s “Suit Yourself” swimsuit piece.  Worn with a “fiercely patterned” leopard print swimsuit, Vivienne, with the black ribbon is adding drama, style and fabulous sun protection. 

Vivienne, part of the Gottex line, is a glamorous straw hat with a wide ribbon trim around the crown.  With a cleverly designed brim, the hat can go from sweet to chic, simply by rolling the brim up or down.  The ample 6” brim and 50+ UPF rating mean the hat thoroughly shields the face from the sun’s harmful rays.  Vivienne comes in three color combinations: Natural with a black ribbon, natural with a white ribbon, or black with a black ribbon.  $99 by Gottex.

Vivienne, along with a huge array of gorgeous sun hats, is available at