Thursday, August 6, 2015

Beach of the Week: Azure Window and The Blue Hole, Gozo, Malta

Azure Window and The Blue Hole
The Blue Hole and Azure Window: Swimming in Paradise

The island of Gozo in Malta is home to The Azure Window and The Blue Hole, neighboring natural wonders.   The Azure Window is a dramatic arch towering over the seaside, it’s pale stone contrasting against the deep blue sea.   It’s a much loved destination in its own right, and visitors also come to take a dip in its neighbor, The Blue Hole.  

A popular spot for scuba divers, The Blue Hole is world renowned for its crystal clear depths.  Beneath the water lie interesting features like arches and caverns, all brimming with sea life.  If scuba isn’t your bag, it’s also a wonderful spot for snorkeling.  Or take the basic route, and just enjoy a swim in the gorgeous Mediterranean waters. 

What’s your favorite swimming spot in the Mediterranean?


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