Friday, August 3, 2012

8 Beach Essentials this Summer

Summer is in full swing and we love to go to the beach. Check out some of our must have items when spending a day in the sun and sand:
Turquoise bogg bag
1. A good quality sturdy and fun beach bag.  It should be easy to clean and be able to survive the harsh elements of the sun, wind, saltwater and those inevitable spills like sunscreen. The turquoise bogg bag fits the bill.
2. You cannot go to the beach without a beach towel-Bring 1-2 per person, one to sit on and one to dry off with.  Large towels in fun colors and patterns works best. Towels can be bulky so why not try a microfiber beach towel to save space.
Blue Striped Beach Hat
3. A wide-brimmed beach hat. Beach hats protect you from the heat and sun, but it also makes a fashion statement. Choose this white canvas bucket hat for a casual fun look or a colorful classic striped beach straw hat for a bigger color splash.

4. Coola Sunscreen. Coola Suncare has a sunscreen for every skin type.  We love their classic line of Mango sports sunscreen. It smells great, goes on smoothly with an spf of 45+.  If you prefer a spray we highly recommend the Coola’s Pina Colada SFP 35 spray.

5. Sunglasses- Do not bring your best frames to the beach as they can get damaged very easily, instead get a stylish affordable pair that still has guaranteed uv protection.

Blue Sarong
6. UV Shirt – Avoid having to slather sunscreen over your entire torso and get a uv swim shirt instead.

7. Flip flops are your best choice for protecting your feet from the hot sand on the beach. They are comfortable, practical and come in many cute colors.
8.  A beach cover up takes you from the car or hotel to the beach.  Go with a sarong that you can tie around your waist or a pretty tunic. 

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