Friday, November 9, 2012

We Love - Fedora Sun Hats

Rich Pitch Sun Hat

The Fedora Style hat is one of the biggest trends in sun hat fashion.  The modern style Fedoras combine the perfect mix of style and comfort and can be seen on jetsetters, style makers and celebrities around the world. 

The classic Fedora hat style is recognized by the 2.5 to 3 inch brim, the crease lengthwise down the middle of the crown and the pinch in the front. 

Anybody can wear a Fedora hat.  The most important is to find a style and fit that works for your facial shape and body proportions. For example, a tall crown will lengthen your face a shorter crown and wider brim will shorten a long face.   For a great fit wear your Fedora hat about half way down your forehead and slightly tilt the brim for a trendy look.

Traditionally, Fedoras were made of black, grey, tan and brown felt.  Today, they are made of a wide variety of materials.   The various straw fedora hats are lightweight and breathable making them perfect for the beach and resort. 

A Fedora style sun hat is a versatile fashion accessory for a chic resort feel.  Pair a natural straw Fedora hat with a dress and sandals or wear it by the pool to compliment your swimsuit or resort cover-up.  

We love the new styles of Fedora sun hats for the 2013 Resort Season.  Check them out here - Fedora Style Sun Hats.   And don’t forget to take a look at our other fabulous beach hats

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  1. I find Fedora hat very useful for protecting the face from sunlight. Its availability in various material and color make it a perfect accessory.