Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Summer Must Have - Travel Lux Microfiber Travel Beach Towels

With the introduction of the Travel Lux Microfiber Beach & Pool Towels, SolEscapes takes the concept of a compact travel towel and makes it into a fun, stylish and functional luxury beach towel for all beach & pool enthusiasts and warm weather vacationers who are not willing to sacrifice comfort and style for practicality. The result is a generous 40x70” sized towel in a super soft and absorbent microfiber material. The large full sized sea life print is fun and whimsical with bold and vibrant colors just like a beach towel should be. Little details are not forgotten, such as a perfectly placed hanging hook in SolEscapes’ signature yellow and contrasting border stitching all the way around the towel.

The Travel Lux Beach & Pool Towels are fantastic for beach, resort & cruise travel but also for daily use at the local gym and pool. Additionally, customers love these microfiber towels for pool parties, boating and beach summerhouse vacation rentals. Find out more about travel towels.  

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