Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6 Fabulous Summer Hostess Gifts for Beach House, Sailboat and Vacation Guests

Summer is here!  Which means it is beach house and sailboat season. Some of us are lucky to have been invited for overnight stays for a week or weekend at the beach, sailboats or lake houses. But you might be asking yourself what to bring.  The perfect host and hostess gifts are those that have been thoughtfully selected showing your appreciation for friends and family opening up their homes for you.

I love to give hostess gifts that fit the season, the theme of the stay or the place.  If you have been invited to a beach house for an extended visit a great gift would be something with a beach theme, an item that is useful at the beach or a non-perishable edible gift that helps celebrate summer. 

Summery & Beachy Hostess Gifts

  1. A basket filled with sun care and sun screen products.  The organic line of sunscreen products from COOLA sun care would make a great gift.  
  2. A pair of beautiful high quality beach towels are always appreciated. The Travel Lux Microfiber Towels have beautiful designs,  are super compact and are fast drying - perfect for a summer house or sailboat.
  3. Napkins and placemats with a nautical them. Check out these cool ones from 
  4. A bottle of wine presented in a chic wine cooler. A crisp Rose wine is a perfect choice during the hot summer months.
  5. A whimsical beach tote packed with a selection of favorite summer items - a reusable water bottle, a great book or magazine, a beach and pool towel and a gift card to iTunes
  6. S’more making supplies – You can put together your own kit with sticks, marshmallows, quality chocolate and graham crackers presented in a pretty basket or purchase a premade gift set. 

Remember to always present the gift at the beginning of the stay.   Food gifts are tricky unless you have agreed upon what to bring beforehand with the host and hostess.  The same goes for plants and flowers unless of course you know you hostess is dedicated gardener.

Enjoy a fabulous stay! 

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