Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Style: Glowing Shell Vase DIY

Glowing Shell Vase

We're decking our halls beach-style, and this glowing shell vase is just the thing for a mantle.  Oooh, it would be gorgeous in a centerpiece too.  It's easy to put together - here's how!

Gather Supplies
Gather Your Supplies
- A tall, clear vase.  We used a a fun martini pitcher!
- A short string of battery operated white LED lights.  We found ours at IKEA.
- Small ball ornaments.  We chose a gold theme.
- Sea shells.  A selection of small-medium white shells in a variety of shapes works well.
- Sand.  White worked well with our color palette.

Fill It Up
Fill It Up
- Pour some sand into the bottom of the vase.
- Add the shells and ornaments, one at a time.  
- Work the lights in as you go, hiding the cord.
- At the top, run the cord over the edge and down the back.  Wrap the excess cord around the battery pack, and tuck it behind the vase.

Let it Glow!
Arrange your beautiful glowing vase with your other holiday decor and enjoy!

Let It Glow

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