Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Packing Smart: Use Your Beach Bag as a Carry-On

If your vacation destination is a tropical one, odds are you have some beach and pool visits on your itinerary.  Perhaps you’re cruise-bound, and will need a nice tote for your day excursions.  Rather than taking up valuable luggage space with your beach or pool bag, make it do double duty as a carry-on. 

A great beach bag should possess several qualities: it needs to be sturdy, roomy (but not too bulky), and it’s got to look good.  Coincidentally, the criteria for a great carry-on are the same!  Globetrotter is resort-worthy-gorgeous, plus it sports several pockets that would be perfect for passports and mobile phones.  Sturdy recycled sail cloth bags have a fresh tropical looks and come in a nice range of sizes.  Bogg bags are colorful, roomy and family friendly.  Be sure to check with your airline to ensure your bag meets size restrictions.

As you prepare for your flight, load up your beach bag/carry-on with the essentials – travel documents, wallet, mobile phone (and charger), prescription medications, valuables, and any delicate electronics (plus chargers).  Now add things that will make the trip enjoyable and comfortable: reading material, snacks, gum, and perhaps a crossword puzzle.  Throw in a compact Travel Lux Microfiber Towel to use as a blanket when the cabin gets chilly.  Then consider what you would need in the event that your luggage gets lost: basic toiletries, a change of clothes, and your swimsuit (so you can take a dip upon arrival!). 

After doing its job as carry-on, your bag can be cleared out (remember to stow valuables in a safe) and prepared for the pool or beach, or a shore excursion.  Sun protective items are key: a gorgeous packable sun hat to protect the head, ears, and face, sunglasses with a 50+ UPF rating for excellent eye protection, and a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen.  If you’ll be playing in the water, consider a swim shirt.  Throw in a cover-up or resort wrap, something easy to pull on and off between swims.  Children in tow?  Bring their supplies: sand toys, snacks, hats, rash guards, goggles and the like.  Add enough Travel Towels for everyone.  Now toss in the camera, your wallet, keys and some bottled water, and you’re ready!

What are must-pack items for your carry-on and beach bag?

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