Monday, February 24, 2014

Just In: Bogg Bags - The Best Beach Bags and Carry-All Bags
a turquoise bogg bag and a pink baby bogg bag, working hard in Maui

Bogg bags are back in stock - wahoo!  And even more, their mini-me, the baby bogg has joined them… more on the babies in a minute.

First, let’s talk about why we love bogg bags.  Simply put, they are the quintessential beach bag.  Roomy as heck, and with that huge opening, they are easy to pack … and pack… and pack.  You can fit it all in there – beach towels, snorkel gear, swim suits, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, and more.  The wide bottom is designed to be tip-proof, so your goods won’t be scattered across the beach.  They have a comfy shoulder length handle, and accessory bags that hold your phone, keys, wallet and the like.  Made of EVA foam, they’re durable.  Bonus feature: you can hose them down!  After a day of play at the beach, power-wash that layer of spilled juice, sand and cracker crumbs (a familiar sight to anyone that has had kids) with the hose and hang it to dry.  Simple as can be.

Now we have baby boggs too, and they are cute-cute-cute!  Baby boggs have the same great features as the original bogg, but in a miniature package.  They’re just the right size for a personal beach or pool bag, and they’d also be perfect for hauling sand or pool toys.  How else could we use a baby bogg?  Let’s see… it would make a great around-town bag for running errands.  Hello perfect gym bag (remember how it’s hose-able??).  Or how about a project bag for knitters, quilters or crafters?  It would be a produce-toting star at the Farmer’s Market.  Got kids?  Then you’re lugging around endless random stuff: baby bogg could help, for sure.  Here’s an awesome gift idea: fill up a baby bogg with beach basics -  a beach towel, sunscreen, a sun hat, a pair of glam flip-flops, and a trashy novel.  Now throw a big bow on it, and you’re a gift-giving hero!

Cute, sporty and brightly colored, bogg bags – big and small – will suit many occasions.  Personalize it with initials by adding bogg bits.  Bogg bags are available in pink, yellow, blue, orange and turquoise.  We carry baby boggs in pink, turquoise and blue.

What would you pack in a bogg bag?

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