Friday, November 7, 2014

Just In: Alegra Cloche Sun Hat

Introducing another new kid on the block… in the 2015 Physician Endorsed Sun Hat Collection, it’s Alegra!

Alegra is a charismatic and coquettish cloche.  The brim, measuring 4” at the front, and 3.25” has a really fun asymmetrical shape.  Plus, it has memory wire, so you can shape it however you’d like.  It’s made from a fine straw, and the head size is adjustable.

The word “alegra” means “to make someone happy”, and the Alegra sun hat does just that… especially with the joyful color choices.  “Geranium” is a gorgeous, deep red: animated and cheerful.  “Natural” is  subtly joyful; serene even.  “Orange Crush” is exuberant!  This color will turn any frown upside down!

Alegra is a great sun hat choice for many occasions.  It’s right at home poolside or at the beach; accompanied by a cute bikini and a pretty cover-up.  It takes a flowy sun dress to the next level, and really shines when paired with a tailored day dress. 

See Alegra and our other new arrivals in the 2015 Physician Endorsed Sun Hat Collection at SolEscapes!

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