Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cruising with Family: Great Online Resources for Planning a Family Cruise Vacation

Family Cruise Vacation
Internet Ahoy!  There are many helpful resources online to help plan your family cruise vacation.

We've covered a lot of ground in our Cruising with Family series, and yet there is still so much info out there!  When planning a cruise vacation with your kids, the internet is your best friend!  There is an absolute deluge of information about cruising online, so take advantage of it!  

Helpful Sites for Planning a Family Cruise:

  • Your cruise line’s web site will have a wealth of information.  Find the FAQ’s; they’ll answer many questions, including those related to cruising with kids.  Look for customer forums, which may have information specific to your ship, cruise, and many questions and answers about having kids on board. 
  • Cruisecritic is a one stop shop for all things cruise related.  It has articles written by experts and a large user community that contributes to forums.
  • Taking the Kids blog has a lot of helpful information about traveling with kids, including an entire section on cruising!  
  • Family Cruise Advisor is just that!  A blog dedicated to the topic of cruising with the family.  It even includes information broken out by cruise line.
  • Kids on a Plane is a wonderful blog “devoted to helping parents teach kids about the world through travel, food and everyday fun.  Their Cruising section is chock full of information, especially about Disney Cruise Line.
  • Traveling Mom is packed with firsthand accounts written by (you guessed it) Moms.  Their Cruises section is huge!
  • Google it!  Search for your cruise line, cruise ship, and even your stateroom number.  You’ll be amazed at how much information is out there! 

What's your favorite online resource when planning a family cruise vacation?

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