Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cruising with Family: Know the Lingo!

Child on Cruise Vacation
Add Some Fun To a Family Cruise Vacation with a Linguistic Lesson!

To round out our Cruising with Family series, we thought we'd end with a little ship-shape vocabulary lesson.  After all, every good sailor knows their port from their starboard!

Nautical Lingo

  • Aft = back of the ship
  • Forward = front of the ship
  • Starboard = right side of the ship - if you’re facing the front.
  • Port = left side of the ship - if you’re facing the front.  (Tip – to remember which side is left and right, “port” has four letters, just like “left”)
  • Bow = the very front of the ship
  • Stern = the very back of the ship
  • Ship = it is not a “boat”
  • Stateroom = a cabin

We hope you've enjoyed our Cruising with Family series!  What's your favorite Family Cruise Vacation memory?

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