Friday, March 7, 2014

Spotlight On: COOLA Suncare Products - Natural & Organic Sunscreen Made in the USA

COOLA is one cool company.  They create great products in a responsible way.  We love COOLA; their sunscreens work well, they don’t irritate sensitive skin, and they receive high ratings from the EWG (which means they don’t have a lot of icky ingredients).  All that, plus they feel great to wear and the scents are amazing.

As the folks at COOLA put it, their quest is “to spoil your sometimes finicky, always worthy skin with the most pure, eco-conscious products possible. After all, you may obsess over what you put in your body, but think about what you put on it.”  Founder Chris Birchby was inspired to come up with such a sun-care product after a melanoma scare in his own family.  That, coupled with his own background as a surfer, gave him a profound understanding of the need for superb sun protection products.  He wanted to create his products with the best organic ingredients, so he and his team spent years coming up with the ideal formulation. 

COOLA now offers a comprehensive collection of suncare products, with something for everyone.  They recognize that the best sunscreen is one that people love to wear, so they offer a range of products that will work with different skin types and life styles.  All of their products contain 70+% organic inactive ingredients and in addition to blocking the sun’s rays, they also feature a host of ingredients designed to nourish the skin.
COOLA's Mineral Sport in refreshing Citrus Mimosa

The Mineral line contains “physical sunscreen” ingredients zinc oxide and titanium oxide in non-nano sized particles.  Additionally, it has skin nourishing ingredients such as kukui nut oil, linseed oil, arnica extract and plankton extract.  Take Mineral Sport in Citrus Mimosa scent for instance, it has organic sesame seed oil, cucumber and shea butter which make it super moisturizing.  Its Citrus Mimosa scent is light and refreshing, and a joy to wear while it’s protecting your skin with SPF 30.
Sport Sunscreen Spray in yummy Piña Colada

COOLA’s Classic line offers the EWG’s highest ranking non-mineral sunscreen. The carefully crafted product gives great protection while also delivering nurturing components such as “Hydresia O”, a recently patented organic emulsifier that’s made from Safflower Oil.  Classic Sport sunscreen is perfect for an active day outdoors, with its 45 SPF and water resistance of 80 minutes.  The Sport version also comes in a handy spray, like Sport Sunscreen Spray in Piña Colada.  It sounds good enough to eat, with organic ingredients like nourishing strawberry extracts and red raspberry oil, not to mention the yummy Piña Colada scent.  The spray goes on continuously, for an easy application.  Another delicious option in lotion form is COOLA’s Classic Sport sunscreen in Fresh Mango scent.  Its non-greasy formula feels great, and primes your skin for some serious outdoor play time.
High-tech Plant UV Sunscreen SPF 30

Plant UV is both high-tech and natural.  It’s a mineral sunscreen that features SPF enhancing plant stem cells as well as zinc oxide.  The lotion is transparent, scent-free and preservative free.  It moisturizes the skin with shea butter and coconut oil, and protects the skin from premature aging with beet root and cordyceps mushroom extract.  Plant UV comes in two formulations, one especially for Face, and the other for the Body.  Both are SPF 30, unscented, and water resistant up to 80 minutes.  
Liplux SPF 15 lip balm in Peppermint Vanilla

Let's not forget the delicate skin on the lips!  COOLA's liplux keeps your lips kissable with nurturing Food Grade ingredients like raspberry and avocado butters as well as broad-spectrum sun protection.  It's water resistant up to 80 minutes, and comes in an unscented SPF 30, or Peppermint Vanilla scented SPF 15.

As you may have gathered, we are just crazy about COOLA’s scents.  They smell so good!  So many sunscreens on the market smell like… well, we’ll just put it bluntly: chemicals and cheap perfume.  Having to drench yourself in a smell that you despise is miserable, and unfortunately, it’s a reason that many people avoid wearing sunscreen.  COOLA has solved this dilemma, their scents are delightful; they’re natural, light and a pleasure to wear.   

Clearly, COOLA has their eye on superior ingredients.  Not only do they strive to source organic components, they also get them locally whenever possible (nearly all ingredients are from the US!).  Considering this, and their approach of small batch production, the end result is fresh as can be.  Another benefit of manufacturing in small batches is that they can reformulate more regularly. 

“Naturally”, COOLA is a company that values an environmentally conscious approach, not only to its products, but also in the way the business is run.  Their facility in San Diego, CA is solar powered, and they emphasize low waste, reusing and recycling throughout the office.  Their product packaging is all recyclable and printed with non-toxic inks.  COOLA loves animals (employees get to bring their dogs to work), and never tests products on them.   

Now you see why we think COOLA is so cool!  A fantastic company creating amazing products, all with an emphasis on quality and eco-consciousness. Check out our COOLA suncare products today.

What’s your favorite way to stay COOLA?


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