Monday, July 14, 2014

As Seen In: Belladonna Sun Hat in Closer Magazine

The latest issue of Closer Weekly magazine has a fantastic spread with great tips to “Beat the Heat in Style”.  Among the great ideas, such as wearing loose clothing, avoiding dark colors, and spritzing with a facial spray, Closer shares the timeless advice to “create some shade” with… a glamorous sun hat, of course!  Specifically, the super-chic wide-brimmed Belladonna sun hat!

Belladonna is all glamour with its 7” picture brim that frames the face beautifully.  It’s made of soft paper straw, which combined with the adjustable head size, makes this hat fit well and comfortably.  The brim has wire, so that it can be shaped to just the shape you want.  Belladonna is perfect for a resort vacation, a luxury cruise, or beach wedding.  It’s versatile, looking fabulous with everything from a gorgeous bikini, to a beautifully breezy dress, to a comfortably cool linen ensemble.  Belladonna comes in the shimmery gold shown in Closer as well as a sleek white and a dramatic black.  $70 by Gottex by Physician Endorsed.

Belladonna and a huge selection of glamorous sun and beach hats can be found at SolEscapes.

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