Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beach of the Week: Miami Beach

Miami Beach
Beautiful, colorful Miami Beach

We’ve just taken an amazing trip to the Miami Swim Show, so let’s talk about Miami Beach!  Miami Beach encompasses a whole world of beach.  From the opulent party scene of South Beach, to the calmer atmosphere to the north, Miami Beach has something for everyone. 

An elevated boardwalk runs along a long stretch of the beach, allowing for jogging, skating, or just a leisurely stroll.  Sidewalk cafes and bars abound, so it’s easy to grab some lunch or a frosty beverage while you explore the beach.   Look for the quaint and colorful lifeguard stands that dot the beach.  You might want to play volleyball, take a swim, or just relax on the warm sand and look at the gorgeous sea… but you certainly won’t want to miss Miami Beach’s number one pastime: people watching! 

Have you been to Miami Beach?  What was your favorite part?

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