Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beach of the Week: Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema Beach
Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro

This week’s beach has its own soundtrack!  Take a moment to find your favorite rendition of “Girl from Ipanema”.  Are you in the bossa nova groove now?  Great, let’s take a virtual trip to Rio, and talk about Ipanema Beach.

Ipanema Beach is as sultry and gorgeous as its namesake song.  Between its fine sand, blue sea, dramatic mountain backdrop and multitude of beautiful people, Ipanema is lush with eye candy.  It attracts a diverse international crowd, and boasts a relaxed, soulful ambiance.   Vendors, cafes, bars, and restaurants abound, meaning a cool caipirinha is always in reach.

Have you been to Rio?  What’s your favorite beach there?

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