Friday, October 10, 2014

Just In: Gemini Sun Hats with Chin Strap

We’re excited to welcome - or to be more specific, welcome back - Gemini sun hat!  Gemini is an old favorite that has been reintroduced with the 2015 Physician Endorsed Sun Hat Collection.  Gemini is a beauty with some pretty cool features, and we’re so glad to celebrate its return!

Gemini is a ribbon hat, so it’s very light and comfortable, its adjustable head size ensuring a perfect fit.  The 5.75” brim is a sun protection champ, not to mention its 50+ UPF rating (that means the fabric blocks 97.5% + of the sun’s rays).  This gorgeous brim is also versatile; it has wire in it, so it can be shaped up or down. 

Gemini’s most loved feature is probably its chin strap.  There’s nothing more annoying than trying to keep control of your hat on a breezy day.  The chin strap is adjustable, so you can lengthen and shorten as needed; it can even be removed.  Adding to the flexibility, Gemini is packable too!  Tuck it in a bag, and you’re ready to play, any day.

We can’t forget color!  Gemini comes in 4 great color combinations.  There’s dramatic black/white, and sporty white/royal, refreshing white/tan and outdoorsy khaki/white.  Any of Gemini’s twin color combos are really versatile; they’ll be right at home on the beach, on an afternoon stroll, or for a fine lunch in the city. 

Check out Gemini and our other newly arrived sun hats at SolEscapes!

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