Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beach of the Week: Mokuleia Beach Park, Oahu

Get lost on Mokuleia Beach...

We all have times when we’d just like to get LOST.  Mokuleia Beach Park on the island of Oahu, Hawaii is the ideal place.  So perfect, in fact, that it was a filming location for the TV show LOST!  LOST fans will recognize Mokuleia as the spot where ill-fated Oceanic flight 815 came to rest.  It’s also where the survivors built the first beach camp.  

Happily, Mokuleia Beach is much more than the fictitious site of a plane crash.  It’s also a gorgeous beach, complete with crystal clear water and sparkling white sand.  On the other end of the spectrum from bustling Waikiki, Mokuleia is secluded, calm and quiet.  You won’t find much in the way of amenities, but you will find excellent snorkeling, and abundant sea life including sea turtles and monk seals.  And if you don’t get your LOST fill after a visit to Mokuleia, other filming locations, including the site of the Other’s Village, YMCA Camp Erdman, are just minutes away.

Where would you like to get “lost” today?

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