Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beach of the Week: Sandy Neck Beach, Cape Cod

Charming Sandy Neck, Cape Cod

If you want to welcome summer serenely, take a trip to Sandy Neck Beach.  Located on Cape Cod, Sandy Neck Beach is miles of rolling dunes and beauty.  With the aforementioned dunes, the deep blue sea, a quaint lighthouse, and a lack of big crowds, Sandy Neck is as picturesque as it comes.  The beach is vast, so it’s easy to find solace.  Throw on some shoes (it’s a rocky beach), and walk for miles.  Indulge in some bird watching and beachcombing.  If it’s a hot day, you might take a dip in the cool water. Then set up your lounge chair, get comfy, and just luxuriate in the tranquil beauty.  Be sure to stay for the Sunset.  Once the sun is down, enjoy some stargazing with the sound of the waves as background music.  Aaaaah, now that’s the way to bring on summer.

How are you welcoming summer?

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