Monday, September 15, 2014

Style: Sun Hats that Transition to Fall

It seems like it’s all about the change of season these days.  The days are growing shorter, the nights cooler.  The trees are starting to hint of Fall color, and the stores are stocked with Halloween decorations.  And yet, the sun!  It’s still here!  Though you may be pulling out your long pants and light sweaters, Autumn days are still full of sunshine. 

Even as you wave goodbye to summer, wearing a sun hat is so important; it protects your tender skin from the sun’s harmful rays and shields your eyes from uncomfortable bright light.  But can a sun hat “fit in” with Fall fashions?  You bet it can!  Here are some great picks for gorgeous sun hats that transition beautifully to Fall:

Rich Pitch: a fedora style hat looks great in any season, and with its dignified ribbon trim, Rich Pitch is extremely well suited for Fall.  We especially like the Navy/Tweed combo for the cooling months.
$40 by Physician Endorsed

Chloe: perfectly striking the balance between classy and flirty, Chloe is such a fun hat for Fall.  In red or black, Chloe will make a chic addition to your Fall wardrobe.
$105 by Gottex 

Pitch Perfect: this paper straw hat has a tweed-like pattern, making it a perfect match for Fall ensembles.  It comes in several color combo’s; the brown/natural, gold tweed and black/natural are spot on for Autumn.
$40 by Physician Endorsed

Savannah: a fedora with the extra drama of a wide 4.5” brim.  In versatile black, Savannah will be stunning with many looks.
$55 by Profile by Gottex

Pandora: Here’s a hat that practically sings Autumn Leaves.  The gorgeous warm colors like bronze and coral, along with a metallic shimmer and glamorous wide brim will keep you stylish and sun-safe.
$55 by Physician Endorsed

Brixby: You know those classic city-in-Autumn images with amazingly colorful trees against gorgeous brick buildings?  This is the hat that belongs in those scenes!  Brixby’s cloche style, tweedy weave and warm colors are Fall perfect.
$40 by Physician Endorsed

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