Monday, December 9, 2013

Give the perfect gift… certificate!

Gift Certificate Giving Ideas

Who doesn't love gifting gift certificates?  It's so easy, and takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift.  But with the convenience comes the nagging fear, "is this too impersonal?"  We say: no way!  Use these ideas to make a SolEscapes gift certificate a personal, thoughtful and fun gift.

1. “Get Beach Ready!”
Colorful tin bucket + Coola sunscreen + SolEscapes Gift Certificate + some beachy beers and a lime = beach ready!
2. “To the Newlyweds: Bon Voyage!”
 Roll up two Travel Lux Microfiber Beach Towels, tuck in a SolEscapes gift certificate and place in a pretty basket.  

3. “Choose something sparkly for our special night out.”
Pair a gift certificate to an exclusive restaurant with a SolEscapes gift certificate.  Wrap them in a pretty jewelry wallet.
4. “Enjoy your time relaxing poolside.” 
Stock a great resort bag with a few vacation must-haves: fashion magazines, a guilty-pleasure novel, and a Gift Certificate to SolEscapes. 

5. “Relish the sun safely with your favorite chapeau!”
Nestle a SolEscapes gift certificate into a beautiful hat box. 
6. “Aloha to the whole family.”
Add a SolEscapes gift certificate to a fun sand toy set; let the family choose their favorite resort essentials.

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