Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pack the Sun Protection!

You’re packing for your winter getaway Caribbean Cruise… or is it an all-inclusive Resort in Paradise?   Anyway, you’re loading things in your suitcase, ticking off your mental list: “Swimsuit – check.  Shorts – check.  Sandals – check.  LBD for a night out – check”.  Done, right?  Not even!  Don’t forget the sun protection!

There is nothing like a lobster-red, blistery, painful sunburn to turn a holiday upside down.  Your dream vacation spent lounging by the pool will quickly turn into a nightmare spent cowering in your room.  Bringing the right high-quality, travel-friendly products helps safeguard your vacation visions, ensuring you won’t miss out on any poolside umbrella drinks.  Not to mention it will help to protect yourself against potential long-term skin damage.

Here’s what you should add to your packing list:

Sun hats – From cute & sporty to chic & glamorous, sun hats will boost your holiday style while protecting the skin on your face from the sun. Many of the hats are packable, so you can keep your hat always at-the-ready in your beach bag.  The materials are breathable and lightweight, so comfort is never sacrificed. 

 Sunscreen – It’s an obvious choice for sun protection, but be sure to consider the ingredients; choose a sunscreen with natural ingredients to avoid mysterious chemicals.  The Coola Organic Suncare line receives high ratings from the EWG as well as offering broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  And don’t forget: apply your sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sunning, and re-apply every two hours, or after swimming.

Protective Clothing – Swim Shirts and Rash Guards aren’t just for kids!  Our poor shoulders, chest and back are often left to the sun’s whims.  While swimming, snorkeling or playing on the beach, don a swim shirt to keep the sun off your back!  They provide great coverage, have 50+ UPF ratings, and are made of colorful and comfortable quick-drying fabrics. 

Sunglasses – We already know that wearing shades just looks cool.  Sunglasses are also vital to protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays.  Be sure the lenses are large or wrap-around and have UV 400 protection.  And be sure you love them, because you should wear them whenever you’re in the sun.      

Sun umbrella – Taking sun protection to a new, glamorous level, Persol√© sun umbrellas are the ultimate portable shade accessory.  They’re gorgeous, made from high quality materials, and can even double as a rain umbrella in case you get caught in a tropical shower.

And now you’re ready for your trip to Paradise.  Enjoy!

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