Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our New Year's Wish for You


The New Year.  

We look back.  We take a moment to be proud of our accomplishments.  We relish in our successes, in challenges surmounted and new areas of growth.  We also think of things that didn’t go so well - what would we do differently? 

And then we look forward.  What will we do in the next 365 days?  What do we really want for the New Year?  Will we learn something new, shed a habit, or cross something off the bucket list?  We savor this moment of contemplating what the new year will bring, and how we will shape it.   

Our New Year's Wish for You

Good Health, for you and those you love.
Journeys that rekindle your fire.
Relationships that nourish you.
And wealth (of course), all you desire.

A new hobby, skill or project to tackle.
Some dreamy escapes to the beach.
Personal growth, in the way you want most.
And champagne!  Be it ever in reach.

With gratitude and good tidings,  SolEscapes wishes you and yours a healthy, happy 2014!

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