Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Trimmings, Beach Style

Beachy Christmas Decor

Deck the halls with boughs of… driftwood?  Why not?!  
Use these ideas to add some seaside whimsy to your holiday home, 
and welcome the beach to your chilly December.

Beachy Wreath:  Start with a traditional evergreen wreath and attach a mixture of shells, starfish, sand dollars, and driftwood.  You might like to work in traditional touches such as shiny glass ball ornaments and pinecones.  For a finishing touch, add a large raffia or ribbon bow.

Starfish Topper:  Paint a large starfish with a metallic gold paint.  Add a coiled wire base, and top that tree.

Miniature Seascape:  Using a clear glass ball ornament as the starting point, create a beach or sea scene.  Fill with a little sand from a favorite beach, and add some small shells, and even a tiny starfish.  For an under-the-sea effect, use a bit of aqua-blue gravel topped by tiny shells and a colorful fish.   A simple beachy look can be achieved by partially filling the ball with some colorful beach glass.  

Beachcomber Ornaments: Hanging shells, starfish, coral and sand dollars on the tree gives a classic beach look.  Loops could be fashioned from a piece of twine, raffia or colored ribbon glued to the back or threaded through a small drilled hole.  For a glitzy look, paint them in metallic colors or even add glitter.  While painting, a monogram could be added by placing a stencil before painting (a sand dollar would work well for this!).

Stockings of the Sea:  Begin with white or natural colored stockings (linen or velvet would both be wonderful).  Attach a starfish, sand dollar, or perhaps a nautical ornament, such as an anchor in gold.

Nautical Garland: Wind white lights around thick white or natural colored rope; add evergreen sprigs if a splash a green is in order.  Drape over a doorway or mantle, or coil around a banister.

Life Ring Wreath: Wrap a foam life ring (or wreath blank) with jute twine (gluing twine in place).  Select a wide ribbon in white for a classic look, or any color that coordinates with your décor, and create the four bands.  Finish it off with a large bow, or attach nautical ornaments, perhaps an anchor or ship’s wheel.

Lush Beach Tableau:  In a large platter or beautiful tray, start with a layer of sand, and top with shells, starfish, and coral pieces.  Nestle some glass ball ornaments amongst the shells; white and gold would be gorgeous.  Add white candles in holders (small votives or tealights); when the candles are lit, the glass balls will sparkle.  This would make a fabulous centerpiece for a large dining or coffee table. 

Rope Wreath:  Using a single piece of heavy white rope, join the ends to form a ring.  Alternately, create the wreath by braiding smaller rope.  To add more color, incorporate a strand of ribbon while braiding.  Decorate it simply, with a large red bow; or add sealife elements, such as shells and coral.     

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