Monday, December 30, 2013

Gold, the New Neutral

Gold, the new neutral

Gold has long been associated with glitz and glamour... and rightfully so!  It's shimmery, sparkly, shiny and just so darned pretty.  But take a new look at gold - it can also be used as a gorgeous neutral.

The classic little black dress is often paired with black shoes; don strappy gold sandals instead, and va-va-voom!  Now consider a bright, color-blocked ensemble - what jewelry can stand up to that?  Gold!  Add a pair (or trio) of long beaded necklaces: one in gold, the others in a coordinating color.  Perfection.  

Sun hats: so important on your beach getaway!  A pink sun hat is adorable, but it certainly won't match your entire holiday wardrobe.  But gold!  Gold goes with everything!  

Make everyday outfits fun with a splash gold.  Sparkly gold on the nails - definitely.  A gold wrap bangle is perfect paired with other bracelets for a stacked look.  A hint of shimmery gold takes a white blouse from classic to fabulous.  A gorgeous bag with gold accents will haul it all, look stunning, and go with everything.

Dramatic, fun, glamorous, shiny, pretty, versatile... and neutral.  We love gold!

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